This is Kyle Dimla. c: hehe I’ve known this guy ever since LAST YEARS DCON. LOLOLOL We gots a loooooong story with this firebender. haha x] 

Well I first met Kyle on here actually XD I saw his blog from a key club post I made (I think) and I followed him c: I then joined the DCON page for that year and yeah I saw him on there and I added him! LOLOLOL We talked and junk and I was excited to meet him. c: Sooo I then did countdowns and junk xD haha 

Theen DCON came around. haha I was hella excited cos I didnt know what to expect. How many key clubbers there were. How many hugs I gave and got. It was amazing. haha Then I realized that I had people to find. LOLOL Soooo I began and I met them, took pictures and what not. c: THEN BOOM. This guy’s name popped into my head. So I decided to find finally find him. 

Saturday morning came and I was like “ALRIGHT GOTTA FIND THIS BOY!” went around my floor cos it was full of villains, not there. Then went down for breakfast. (sadly there was no bagels left…woke up late TT ~ TT LOL) Then workshops. I was looking around crazy and I couldn’t find him at all!! Later that day we got on break soooo I headed over to the elevators to go back to my room upstairs. Too many people in one place. Omg I swear claustrophobia and people decide to jump in there to stop it….NO NO NO. Homies be extra man. LOL xP But yeeeah I couldn’t find him!  But then I forgot to get something from my friend who was 2 floors below me. So I decide to go get it. And it was me and 2 other guys. 

GUESS WHO ONE OF THEM WAS!!! lol XD THIS GUY!! But I didn’t know if it was him or not. Sooooo I stayed quiet. And then when it stopped on the next floor, he left. And I then realized it was Kyle Dimla. I was so derped man. Like to be honest, I regretted it soooooo much. Cos like I didn’t see him at all ever since that moment. xD I know I should of called him to make sure. I’m a derped out shy child okaii?? Okaii LOL 

After DCON and stuff I regretted it soooooo bad. LOL I eventually told him that I saw him in the elevator and didnt say shizz but yah. We both decided that we’d hunt each other down at next years. LOL Which we did c: <3 hehehe this pic wasn’t the first time I saw him though xD I saw him more than once this year :D hehehe <3 <3 

This picture was like by chance though. Cos I just left my room to go egg more people cos I had some left still xD And I saw people leaving so I decided to yell out “HAVE A SAFE TRIP HOME GUYS!!!” And RIGHT when I was about to leave, I noticed it was him, Chris, Erin and Gabby. c: hehehe I totes have the best timing EVAHHH! <3 xD haha <3

But yeah in the end, this attractive guy will forever be in my heart <3 :) hehe I LOVE YOU KYLE!!! :D <3 SEE YOU NEXT YEARS DCON!! :3 <3 hehe you totes perf and adorbs Kyle omg <3 

P.S. YES, I made you your own post c: <3 haha tis how much I love you ^ ^ <3 

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