This guy right here is Abraham Garalde. c: He’s my homie, my ohana, my inspiration, my friend, my tall derps, my awks buddy and my divisions new LTG. :) You see here is where our story all starts…

We were at a DCM (I lowkey forgot when it was LOL sorry abe! xD) And like I saw this tall dude from a far.I mean like this picture is very deceiving LOL…. but yeah I thought I was late er something so I went up to him and I was like “HI! I’m Kayla!” and he just quietly waved at me. In my head I was like “omg he thinks you’re already weird kayla.” and I kept talking to him though. He made me feel like I was making him feel awkward so I told him I was going to let him be. So I left him and I looked back at him and he smiled and waved so I did as well. HAHAHA Then that was it. We bumped into each other a lot and yeah xD Hi can go a long waay guys c: 

To be honest, I derped a LOT when I first met Abraham. haha I feel like I scared him….Welp we talked for awhile and then we got pretty close c: We say hi and derp with each other at DCMs and Events when we see each other xD <3 

I’m proud to have this boy as my LTG ^ ^ <3 TOO TALL FOR MEH! XD I looooooooooove you abrahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam!! :D <3 Looking forward to the new year with you as my LTG :3 hehehehe <3 

<3 L-O-V-E I LOVE MY L-T-G <3 

P.S. HURRY AWP WITH THE DIVISIONAL APPS!! XD I want to fill mine out already D; LOLOL <3 jk take your time c: 

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