So since I turned in these designs in to my ltg on the June 10th and I’m still sorta skeptical on them. 

I know it’s my design and I should be confident about it…but yeah :p I know it’s just a design for our divisions shirts and/or other clothing materials, but I actually took time to do them. 

I know I’m not as active in my division but to be honest, I was the ONLY sophomore that stayed the longest in my school’s club. I sorta felt left out in the sign ins. Cos my name would be the only one there. I still continued going though. I did cos Key Club is more to me than Fall Rally, and DCON. I’d rather just go to key club events and help out my community. 

A lot of people in my grade only join kc for Fall Rally. I try to convince them to go to DCON as well but then they say things like, it’s too expensive. or it sounds hella boring. It sounded boring to me too before, but after experiencing my FIRST DCON this year, I actually enjoyed DCON. I loved it so much…and I miss it to this very day. I miss the people I met and got to be friends with. I miss a lot of things from DCON. But I’m glad I made memories and had an unBEElievable time<3 hahaha :) 

You may not know this but I actually took 8 hours on drawing these two designs. I did cos I wanted to form on how I see MY division bunnies, into a design where everyone else can see how I think how we look. :) 

There’s a story that goes with these designs. 

The Front, shows how we’re Key Club Internationals Beastie Bunnies. Hence the reason why the bunny looks ready to do anything and is paired with the Key Club’s logo. :) 

The Back, shows that we’re still kind and caring towards our Cali-Nev-Ha Ohana. Which is why the bunny looks cute and sweet, while hugging a carrot. And which is paired with Cali-Nev-Ha’s logo :) 

I wanted to post this so I can be prepared if my design gets chosen or not. :) I’m just hoping for the best and I know I tried my hardest for this. But if my design doesn’t make the cut, it’s okaii :) at least I tried! :D

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